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Design Your Raised Bed Garden

In this course we cover:

How to choose the best location for your garden. Designing and understanding your ultimate garden. We will talk about sun, air flow, water, tools, pests and more.

What you'll get:

  • MP3 files for easy learning.

  • MP4 movies to watch for specifics.

  • Garden design layout.


  1. Raised beds offer a manageable way to garden a smaller space.
  2. When built, prepared and structured properly, there is FAR less maintenance.
  3. Easier to tend to plants and avoid debilitating back pain.
  4. It is more difficult for pests and animals to get at your precious plants.
  5. Better control of soil, nutrients and quality of vegetables…NO annual tilling, just add to the top each year and mix it in. Easy is good.
  6. Easier to keep weeds and unwanted pests from your garden.
  7. Easier to keep nutrient rich producing earthworms in your garden.
  8. As the plants are higher the flow of air becomes better, keeping mold and mildew from forming. (More on this topic in the planting and pruning course)
  9. Creeping weeds and grasses are kept out.
  10. Aesthetically pleasing.
  11. Provides a base for overhead screen protector…keeping animals away.
  12. Only approx. $200 per planter to build and will last for over 10 years. That is only $20 per year. Sweet.
  13. Raised Beds are not permanent, so renters can take them when they leave.
  14. Raised beds are great for the all levels of gardening. From beginners to advanced, you will have the best opportunity to grow a great garden.
  15. Plant some veggies earlier due to the extra drainage, plus overall better soil drainage year-round.