Your home air quality, mold removal and COVID-19


Do you know, the air quality in your home? That's a question I had for myself. I'm an oil painter and I also have kids. I have got to have great air quality in our home, all the time. So, the first thing I did was hire a group of professionals to come in and literally test the air in my entire home. And, you know, they found that our air quality wasn't perfect. They did their professional cleaning and then said, see you later. And I thought, well, you know, is it going to stay that way? That's going to be my responsibility. So that's when the research began for me. And I wanted to research for the very finest air purifiers on the market. Now I'm going to share this with you.

This is true story. Since we put these in six months ago, no more allergies, no more sneezing, no more sickness, not even a sickness in our home. Unbelievable!

Air purifiers are great protection for COVID-19. There is nothing more important than that air and your health.

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